Arkas Shipping transports industrialists’ cargos to the Arabian Peninsula

Oman Container Lines has begun to provide a new service that calls on the port of Mersin and will purchase services in the region from Arkas Shipping.

Arkas Shipping offers agency services to the world’s leading shipping companies and is now providing sub-agency services in Mersin for Zodiac Shipping, the Dubai agency for Oman Container Lines, which is owned by the government of Oman.

Oman Container Lines initiated a new service at the end of December for the purpose of combining the markets of the Red Sea and the Mediterranean with the Arabian Peninsula. The service provides significant advantages for exporters and importers who want to ship cargo to Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Libya. The service will run once a month with a feeder vessel named M/V Fanja, which is capable of transporting various cargos, such as containers and dry bulk, following a Sohar - Port Said - Misurata - Beirut – Latakia- Mersin - Port Said - Sohar - Muscat route leaving from Oman.
Port import transit time/day
Sohar - Mersin 16 - 18
Port Said - Mersin 8 - 10
Misurata - Mersin 6 - 8
Beyrut - Mersin 2 - 3
Latakia - Mersin 8 hours

Port export transit time/day
Sohar 14
Muscat 15
Jebel Ali 19 ( via muscat )

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Gökhan H. Günay, (0324) 241 14 14